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During the day, he stacks shelves. During the evening, he stacks relegations. Chris, AKA Proudie, is a self-proclaimed ‘failure’ of a Football Manager, always striving to at least finish mid-table or above in the league. His first aim is to always entertain, and you are guaranteed that in his streams, whether it is him bottling a 2-0 lead, or somehow conjuring up a 0-0 draw against one of the league’s favourites, you are never going to be short of excitement.

Chris is an avid supporter of Portsmouth FC, a team he’s been following through its ups and downs since he was a boy, and always endeavours to attend games even though he lives in London!

Proudie’s presence on the Internet started on a Football Manager Facebook group called “The FM Society”, where he would always post his failings at the game, before he made the transition onto YouTube and started creating Football Manager content. His content would be seen not to fit the ‘norm’ of Football Manager formats, preferring to create a story with the players and clubs rather than just manage the team. And after a few months of creating YouTube content, he decided to venture into streaming which he still does to this very day. Although Football Manager is his main game on the channel, he does like to delve into a range of different games such as FIFA, and also play older games on his channel on Thursdays in a series called ‘#ThrowbackThursdays’. If you wanted to know more about Proudie, you can follow him on Twitter: @ProudieYT or email him at: