Herb is an accountant IRL (ooooo sexy) and this fostered a deep love in him for numbers and analytics which made Football Manager the perfect game for him and he has been playing since the good’ole days of CM01/02.

Admired by the FM community for his epic beard, content creation started for Herb back in January 2017 when he foolishly jumped into International management with England. Many saves have followed and Herb loves a challenge save.

Adding Twitch to his repertoire of content in November 2018 Herb is now regularly bringing a more relaxed (minus the rants) Football Manager stream in his evenings.

Herb is a West Ham fan and is always keen to jump into a save with his beloved Hammers, usually to spend his time deliberating over selling the players he loves IRL which often leads to poor decisions and ultimately failure… Football Manager is the primary content Herb is putting out, but he is also an avid strategy game fan so will often stream other titles such as Cities:Skylines or whatever new strategy game is flavour of the month. Herb has been known to stream Apex Legends and PUBG but he doesn’t like to talk about that.

If you want to contact Herb, you can do so directly on Twitter @Bigherbthenerd, or via email at